NTEU 156 Quarterly meeting
November 14th, 2019

Leon Guerrero

Meeting called to order: 17:00

Active grievances - light duty procedures are not being followed. Employees requesting LD must submit forms to request this status. The form is presented to supervisor and duties will be assigned based on employees prescribed capabilities. We hope that an SOP or MOU will be developed as a result of this grievance. 

Flex capable employees - 20% of workforce is allowed by contract to be designated "flex capable". CP states current BRP practice is more than 20%of "eligible" employees. NTEU national has been contacted.

New business - CP and VP met with port officials concerning badging issues. Pushing for executive swipe privileges. May require more work with port police. TSA states all non-LEO must complete their background checks. Next meeting will be with TSA to verify the requirements. 

New benefit - Nationwide Mortgage, they will waive processing fees for members. Website will be updated with link.

Awards - Can CSTs be nominated for awards within port? Process was explained by Montoya and Bigham, handout was presented. Anyone can nominate an employee. On the spot awards can be done anytime and are typically time off, but can be cash during the summer when funding is available. Awards need to explain how the work done was beyond the normal duties and contributed to cost savings, efficiency or contributing beyond what is expected.

Total award budget is divided into shares. The number of shares awarded will determine the cash value. The total monetary amount for any employee is $2500.00 for the fiscal year.
Other - Forced OT on RDS's when an excusal exists - do we want to enforce this in an MOU? Excusals are being granted automatically so an agreement needs to be made on how and when to cancel excusals i.e. priority.

Member concerns - Import specialist have no funding for any type of uniform or protective gear when out in the field. 

Other other - Dave and Busters had good participation with about 25 members in attendance. CP would like to continue, frequency undetermined. Possibly other activities for Timbers or Winter hawks games. 

New members: Tom Luck, Zach Bleth, Justin Steinike, Jason Martin
New Transfers: Alesia Aguire, Noemi Fawcett, Sean Hoover, Cynthia Lopez, Alex Martin, Archie Santiago.

Membership is over 80%. $50.00 incentive is still available for recruiting.  
Chapter President nominates Robert Samuel as a backup Treasurer, seconded by Montoya.

TPAC - Needs funding to help lobby federal employee issues on Capitol Hill.

Meeting adjourned: 17:58

May 16, 2019
NTEU 156 Spring chapter meeting

Call to order: 16:45
Treasurer’s report - $26,398 in the account. $6,528 spent last cycle – website, Spring training, annual dinner, flowers for Colford family, Subway during shutdown, recruitment bonus and misc.
Committee notes - none
Old Business – none
Announcements – 

New members: Fawcett, Martin, Cady.  

NTEU National convention will be in August in Portland. CP and VP will be meeting
with IRS chapter to coordinate activities.

CP explained TPAC and need for support as well as benefits NTEU is providing as a whole.  

New Business – 
MOU regarding 8 hour rest period in 24hrs and working OT after shift prior to an RDO; this is a work in progress.  

Management reached out to NTEU concerning the TDY rotations. CP put out an email asking for feedback from member officers. He received 11 responses. Of those who responded, seven did not agree with resetting the seniority list as management suggested. As it stands TDYs will be assigned in seniority order excluding those who have already participated. An MOU with member concurrence should be produced. 

The CBPAS BRP arbitration was scheduled for Friday, May 17, 2019. Management made multiple proposals because NTEU was not willing to give in and accept the arbitrarily created flex unit. And it finally resulted in an offer that the majority of the CBPAS’s agreed with and arbitration was avoided. CBPAs will be able to bid for one seaport spot and one air cargo slot next BRP cycle. The remaining 6 will be considered flex.

OT and cap compliance- CBPOs and CBPASs properly assigned OT should not have their jobs removed due to cap compliance (at least until the last few weeks of the fiscal year.) This means you will work all assigned jobs and negative money will correct itself in the next pay period.

Use of flex officers - they are not being utilized equally. CP sent message to management and is waiting for a response. 

LMRC – Tasers will be coming to airports. Date unknown.
Remodeling at Alderwood –CBP sent NTEU natiaon notice that upgrades on Alderwood would begin June 28th. It is unknown how employees will be displace during construction. DFO has aloted $50K for a new T1 line at T6 to improve computer connectivity. 

Members - Korne, Kitaura, Lunceford, McMillan, Skinner, Fawcett, Smith 
Non-members – N/A 
Meeting adjourned: 18:15

Chapter Meeting 6-27-18 

Attendees – Nine members 

Call to order – 17:00 

BRP – July 1st Union will receive notice from management. Deferred inspections unit added. A live bid was discussed at the last BRP meeting. David and Zach volunteered to be on the BRP committee. CES officer will be re-titled to Trade Enforcement Officer. IST rotation will happen in October. 

Alderwood remodel – delayed because of changes and drawings. Exterior work will begin first.  

OT – 8 hour rule. Proposal: NTEU would allow an officer to volunteer to work despite the 8 hour rule if they are going into an RDO. Lanny- provided they will not force officers who did not volunteer. 

The Chief Steward will be transferring and that leaves a steward vacancy in the FIS. Zach has been nominated to be the Chief Steward. 

LMRC – PDX phone use policy (prohibiting passenger use while in FIS) was determined to be unnecessary, and passengers can use their phone as long as they are not taking pictures or filming and not at the primary booth or in secondary. Budget for 2019 will include five new CBPO positions for Portland. New hires will be based on the VRA announcement in USA jobs, which provides age waiver and they do not have to take the polygraphs if they held a secret clearance.  

Christmas party in lieu of annual dinner. CP Lunceford looked into the Armory as a possible location at a cost of $500.00 and have the event catered. National President Tony Reardon will attend if we can make it on the 5th of December. Looking to allowing family members. Cost comparison needs to be made. Need to look at some of the local hotels, i.e. AP Radisson, Holiday Inn, etc. 

Treasurer report – Kelly thanks Kathy for coming in and completing chapter audit. Chapter account is at $23, 601. We had $4,853 in expenses for chapter training, postal box and pizza from last meeting. Future expenses include the upcoming arbitration $2500-$3000 and chapter Christmas party. This year our local chapter election is due. Kathy has volunteer to be part of the election committee. It will cost several hundred dollars to complete. Summer recruitment campaign is underway. NW Priority Credit Union is the chapter financial institution and has an agreement with the Union; they are available at multiple locations in the Portland Vancouver area and open to members. 

Settlement checks – All of the settlement checks should have been mail. Craig advised appeal decisions should be out in mid-August and checks issued in October for favorable decisions and a reissue check for original amounts if checks expired.  

CEE AWS has been renegotiated. Decisions on AWS requests were delayed. July 9th is the new deadline to notify employees whether or not they were approved. Some employees have already been notified. Telework is being handled separately. Telework is available to ISTs after they have been out of the academy for 6 months and can be up to three days per week. 

NTEU convention will be in 2019. 

Meeting adjourned – 18:26 

Meeting Minutes NTEU 156

February 2, 2018

In attendance: 14 members 1 non-member

Call to Order 16:50

Meeting was opened with a briefing on past and current grievances. BRP grievance has been sent to council for third step review.

CP Lunceford discussed Goldstein decision and how it relates to work units and overtime. He will be meeting with the PD. No resolution was reached on how we would be able to follow the decision without completely disrupting the current overtime process. Many other OT related issues were contemplated. 

Settlement checks could possible start showing up in May. A list will not be published this round. It is important not to cash the check if you disagree with your portion of the settlement, and that you follow the instructions on contesting it (they will come with the check). One member has been left off the list and the chapter will follow up with national to determine why.

VP Steinmann brought to our attention an incident at another port involving Global Entry and accusations against an officer that was working alone. We have the camera system in the GE office, but it is unclear how long the footage is available for review. We also do not know if there is audio and need to investigate and advise officers if this is the case. 

Chapter Treasurer Kelly Graham has participated in meetings concerning the Alderwood remodel. Some of the upgrades included will be a new public counter that will include bulletproof glass, Global Entry office, cameras, better security/access points, extended parking and new fence line. There are various other projects like a weapons cleaning station in the warehouse and furniture/cubical upgrades. If a member has input or concerns they should let the union know promptly so we may present it to management. 

Treasury Balance $24,900 - Spending this period has included $607.00 for the annual fee to maintain website and money spent on the last meeting. We did not send anyone to this year’s Legislative conference. Future expenditures include spring training, annual membership dinner and possibly some expenses relating to this year’s National Convention, which, is being held in Portland this year. A member inquired about the revenue we currently generate on membership dues. We are getting approximately $400.00 per pay period in our account. The other part of our dues go to support the national NTEU operations. We are trying to maintain a balance around $25K for taking cases to arbitration and unforeseen events. Since we have kept membership high and the income steady, the chapter officers will look at decreasing dues this year. This can only happen at a specific time of the year, usually around November. Increasing our membership will also help us to be able to lower dues for everyone.  More discussion on this will follow as it gets closer.

As a reminder, the chapter is still awarding a $50 Target gift card for recruiting new members. 

Meeting adjourned 18:00

NTEU Chapter 156
Special Meeting 
June 20, 2017
Call to Order: 17:11

Members in attendance: 15

The chapter will not be sending a delegate to the 2017 National Convention. A vote to be represented at the convention was a unanimous yes. Blake Thomas was nominated to be the chapter’s proxy. Out of 15 votes cast by secret ballot, 15 votes were in favor of the nomination.

In the matter of ratification of the National Collective Bargaining Agreement, the highlights presented in the National President memo dated June 5th, 2107 were discussed. Copies of some of the most impactful articles were distributed i.e. Scheduling, Bid and Rotation, Overtime and Leave and Excusal. Members discussed the changes and local chapter leaders answered questions as it related to the local bargaining unit. In addition they were offered telephonic access to council. A vote to ratify the contract was a unanimous yes. 

Treasures report: Account balance - $23K, a little over 7K was used to send officers and stewards to Spring Training. Additional money was spent on mailing and office supplies. The chapter ended its relationship with Chase bank and is now banking with NW Priority Credit Union. The new Credit Union has the added benefit of accruing interest on our account and offering its services to our members for personal finances.  

Recruitment: Summer recruitment campaign is under way and the chapter is offering a $100.00 Target gift card for signing up a new member. Talk to a chapter leader or steward about Portland’s most wanted. 
Meeting Adjured: 18:08

February 8, 2017
NTEU 156 Winter chapter meeting - 1st Trimester 

Call to order: 16:46
New term for chapter officers is effective 01 January 2017.

President – Jason Lunceford
Vice President – Mike Steinmann
Treasure – Kelly Graham
Secretary – John McMillan

FIS shift schedules – still working on proposals. Management is considering proposing 4-10 night shift (14:00-24:00), more to come, still pending review. 

Treasurer’s report: $27,839 in the account. $1,250 spent last cycle – website, elections, office products, employee almanacs, gift cards. Bank account is being updated with new officers. Upcoming expenses include: Spring training and annual dinner.

Committee notes - none

Old Business – none

Announcements - Lee and Moldovan will be participating in national uniform testing.

Contract brief – CBP and NTEU are being required to meet with third party mediator on unresolved articles. Negotiations are scheduled for February and March.

New Business – 
Annual dinner – It was a unanimous decision to continue the annual dinner at McMenamins. The target date is Thursday May 16th.

Union office will be cleaned and rearranged to accommodate small meetings. Files are being purged and money will be spent to upgrade security for cabinets containing sensitive chapter records and any PPI.  

Remodeling at Alderwood – There are serious concerns over the new plans to upgrade and remodal the work areas. We need to talk with PD about where they are at with the new building design and ensure NTEU has adequate input.

Settlement – Is still in processing. Possible payments in July.

Changes coming to the Entry section – They are being absorbed by the CEEs and we are unsure at this point how it will affect local operations. They are currently short on personnel.  

President’s brief: Challenging year ahead. The chapter is at 73% membership. Recruiting incentives will continue. Union met with management about hazardous weather policy and the PD granted more time for the last weather event due to this meeting. The night shift should have an exemption from over time due to their inability to get OT on any day but their RDO. RDO excusals are still an issue. Tracking will continue. PD wants to see more outbound work, shotguns at FIS and team leads or partnership work and possible work with other LE operations. - Next week all hands meeting.  

Members - Korne, Miller D., Klein, Black, Lunceford, Graham, McMillan, Steinmann, Skinner, Sanford, Gunderson, Rose, Brooks and Montoya

Non-members – Decker

Meeting adjourned: 17:46

NTEU Chapter 156 Meeting Notes
Thursday, May 5, 2016 Kennedy School

Meeting began with dinner from 1800-1830.

Called to order at 1840.

A door prize was issued.

Treasury Employees Political Action Committee (TEPAC) was discussed. Surveys were sent out by TPAC to ALL presidential candidates with responses only from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. NTEU endorses Hillary Clinton based only on her voting records on legislation favorable to federal employees. Members were apprised of activities of TEPAC and how they benefit federal employees. Members were informed about how to contribute to TEPAC via direct deposit.

Members were apprised of capwiz on NTEU site which has preformatted letters and one’s representative’s address for sending letters on topics of federal employee concerns. Preparing letters to Congress is legislative and NOT a Hatch Act violation if done at work. It must, however, be done on off-time or during breaks.

Members were encouraged to register to vote if they are not already. They were advised that the secretary of state in each state has a website and can tell you if you are registered to vote in that state if you are not sure.

The Treasurer’s report was issued by Kathie Klein. Treasurer Klein advised that our chapter balance is $22.5K. The primary expenditure was for sending three members to Las Vegas for union training. McMillan, Patzlaff and Steinmann attended training. There is a bond premium expenditure which covers misdeeds relating to members’ use of union funds.

The Awards Committee was discussed for our chapter’s area port. It includes Montoya, Lewis, Leung, Drake, Driggers and Quesada. The goal is to have equitable membership in management and non-management. Members were encouraged to participate if they are interested in either membership on the committee or in writing up recommendations for fellow employees incorporating proper wording.

A visual was shown of CBP Area Port of Portland employees who have either retired, transferred, terminated or passed on. 

Old business—Seventy percent chapter membership had been attained, but has fallen below that due to recent personnel changes. Members are encouraged to reach out to eligible employees if they are not already union members letting them know that their dues provide them with union support.

Permanent night shifts at the FIS was discussed. A grievance has been filed pertaining to this, it was made permanent, we will see if this continues with the next BRP.
I.T. Wes Bichsel was welcomed as a new chapter member. Dan Patzlaff was welcomed aboard as a new steward. 

Nationwide only 36.3% of eligible I.T.s are union members. Entry specialists stand at 58.1%. Import Specialists are at 64%, CBPOs at 82.6%, ag specialists at 62.2% and technicians at 56.6%. There is 72.7 percent membership with CBP nationwide.

Treasurer Klein attends legislative conferences with the legislative aides of elected members of Congress in order to discuss issues important to federal employees. The aides are provided with fact sheets and talking points, especially related to raises, social security supplements, TSP and sequestration.

New business—
Chapter bylaws obligate elections every two years. A new Treasurer will be elected this cycle due to Treasurer Klein’s impending retirement. Member Graham has been in training for this position.

Dues: The executive board has agreed to no change. Our account is neither gaining or losing. We are able to continue training and other activities.

The Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner attended spring training. The Commissioner will be gone when the new presidential administration takes over. During the training, there was discussion on the bid rotation policy, the contract, the new national NTEU website (personalized to each agency) and the hiring of 50 technicians nationwide. Portland, Oregon may be the site of the next national union convention. 2700 new CBPOs were proposed, but only about half have been filled—all on the southern border. Additonal pre-clearance ports are being proposed.

Representational activities—we do have issues here in Portland and in the outports where the union has gotten involved. An arbitration is scheduled in June.
CBPO Contract Issues—Steward Patzlaff discussed Article 35, section 3. An employee can request in writing to be excused from overtime on his/her regular day off. Consideration for enforcing contract in this regard was discussed. There are issues relating to this both in Portland and at the outports. This will be discussed with management during an upcoming meeting.

When traveling on union business, members are entitled to government-rat per diem, lodging at the government rate, and any flight is also paid for by the union.
The next meeting will be at a date to be determined in Sept., 2016 at Round Table on 122nd.

Two more door prizes were issued.

Members in attendance: Bichsel, Bigham, Brooks, Graham, Gregor, Gunderson, Harman, Klein, Korne, Leung, Lunceford, McMillan, L. Miller, Montoya, Mullally, Patzlaff, Rodela, Rose, Smith, Steinmann and Vaughan. 

The meeting was adjourned at 1954.

Minutes from meeting held at Round Table Pizza on Feb. 14th 2016.

In attendance were Mullally, Klein, Steinmann, Lunceford, Vaughan, Smith, Gregor, Moldovan, D. Miller and Montoya.

The meeting was called to order at 1643 by President McMillan.

There is approx. 25K in the bank account per Treasurer Klein. Vice-President Steinmann attended the union convention in Florida where Tony Reardon was elected the new NTEU national president.

Union member Dennis Vinsel retired.

The local area port has maintained 70% membership with the union.

Members were reminded that it is important to put in multiple preferences in the bid and rotation process in order to have a better likelihood of getting the job they want.

Kathie Klein will be attending the legislative conference in D.C. which is scheduled for the last week of February

Union “spring training” is coming up in April in Las Vegas. McMillan and Steinmann will attend. If another Steward can be recruited, this person will also attend. Inform one of the union officers if interested.

If money is needed for arbitration, costs may be split with national.

NTEU has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President based on her Senate voting record with regard to federal employee issues. No member union dues go to support political candidates. TPAC contributions are used for supporting politicians and are not paid for with union dues.

Members are encouraged to send out letters to Congress regarding federal benefits retention and for support for union issues.

Union member Skinner has returned to the area port. Union member Chavez has joined the port in a transfer.

Remember there is still a $50 bonus for recruiting new members.

There has been discussion with regard to having a permanent (one year) assignment of CBPO(s) to a night shift. If this is not wanted, members are encouraged to voice their feelings. A memorandum of understanding would be needed prior to any implementation.

Global Entry was discussed with the Port Director with regard to having a waiting area for applicants. $50k in OT funds was budgeted for global entry. At the current rate of expenditure, the money will be gone sometime in March. The current hours of G.E. are M-F 0830-1900 and weekends 0945-1545 with some holidays.

Union member D. Miller brought up an e-mail from management regarding sick leave review and an advisory that if help was needed by the user, it could be provided perhaps under the pretext of looking into possible abuse. There has been nothing on the issue from local management since that time.

It is projected that the local chapter will have its annual dinner meeting at the Kennedy School in Portland sometime during the first or second week of May. It will probably be scheduled on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

There was some discussion about the bid and rotation policy and how work units are formulated with the minimum number of officers needed for each unit.

The meeting was adjourned at 1751.

 Meeting at Round Table Pizza was called to order at 1700.

In attendance were Smith, Montoya, McMillan, Steinmann, Klein, Vaughan, Mullally, Taylor and Korne. 

Chapter meetings are three times a year. This is the third trimester meeting for the year.

Treasurer Klein advised that $25K was available in the bank account. The chapters get approx. 25% of the dues and NTEU national gets the remainder. 

VP Steinmann attended the NTEU National Convention in Florida in August. Mr. Anthony Reardon was elected to replace the retiring Colleen Kelly.

Members were advised that we need another steward. Training would be provided in Las Vegas in the spring of 2016.

CBPO and chapter member Dennis Vinsel has retired. His retirement leaves an opening on the local Awards Committee. Members are encouraged to apply. Contact John McMillan or Mike Steinmann if you are interested.

Our local chapter has approx. 70% membership which was acknowledged in the NTEU newsletter. Members are encouraged to come to meetings to participate and keep apprised.

The BRP committee will meet next week with the BRP rotation to occur Oct. 18.

The upcoming leave year will be administered in accordance with the NCBA in lieu of our stalled local MOU.

Ag Specialists’ schedules have been adjusted by management to a M-F schedule for the swing shift without the Union’s consultation. A meeting is being requested.

One Import Specialist was granted teleworking as a result of a grievance filed locally. A second is pending for an employee concerning travel comp.

Weingarten rights entitle a member to have union representation when a meeting with management is held for an action. If BECKWITH RIGHTS are presented, there may be criminal prosecution, the Union rep will not be able to stay for the interview. Members are advised that stewards do not have attorney/client privilege as far as confidentiality is concerned during these meetings. 

CBP wants to eliminate ALL local negotiating.

Our chapter’s next meeting will be held Tues., Jan. 12th at Round Table at 1630.

Meeting adjourned: 1749  

        Annual Meeting at Kennedy School on May 12th 2015

Meeting was called to order at 1850.

Members present:  Brandon Black, Nicole Brooks, Sandra Driggers, Kelly Graham, Joseph Gregor, Kathie Klein, Tracy Korne, Winson Leung, Jason Lunceford, John McMillan, Charlene Montoya, Brendan Mullally, Daniel Patzlaff, David Rodella, David Smith, Mike Steinmann, Russell Van Orman, Julie Vanduzor, Alicia Vaughan.

By-laws were distributed as a hand-out to everyone. There was some discussion about having them updated.

Minutes from last meeting:  Members were advised that a “leave draw” proposal was presented to management. They didn’t like the number of people that potentially could be off at a given time. The proposal will be re-presented.

Treasurer’s report:  There is approx. $23000 in our account. We spent $7K last year, primarily for NTEU training and lobbying Congress in Washington D.C. for additional staff  .NTEU chapters from across the country met face to face with members of Congress and discussed NTEU-specific related concerns, Kathie Klein represented our chapter.  Jason Lunceford and Mike Steinmann attended the national conference in Las Vegas last month. 

New business:  A request for new stewards was made.

Chapter VP Mike Steinmann will go to Miami for the next national convention later this year. He will cast our chapters vote for the next NTEU national president as current president Colleen Kelly is retiring.

Welcomes were extended to three new local members: Alicia Vaughan, Albert Segovia and Shane Ganier. 

Our area port went over the 70% membership level for the first time since the merge in 2003. NTEU recognized this with a stipend given to the local chapter. There are still more bargaining unit people out there who are not yet members. Members were encouraged to reach out to those individuals to encourage them to join. If a new member is recruited by a current member, the local chapter will offer the recruiter a $50 Target gift card. Chapter officers let members know that there is strength in numbers and encouraged the further growth of the chapter as there have been several members that the local chapter has lost due to transfers, retirements, etc.  

Chapter officers emphasized the need for constant advocacy for adequate funding regardless of who is in political office.

The awards committee is looking for a volunteer to join it, please contact John McMillan or Mike Steinmann if you are interested.

A video of Colleen Kelly was shown with her discussing her history and her current job as NTEU National President. She will be stepping down from her position shortly. She related what her job means to her and how it is all about serving the members and having management and elected officials realize the value of federal workers and the services they provide.

Members were advised that there is a chapter website if they didn’t already know about it.

Background investigators are starting to ask members subject to periodic b.i.s about taking a polygraph. Members should advise the union before agreeing to take one.

Members were told that union representation is not retroactive so it is important to join so that if something comes up needing union representation, you will be covered.

Union stewards and elected representatives have exclusive authority to represent members with management.

An appeal was made to members to donate to the Treasury Employees’ Political Action Committee (TEPAC). This would be separate from our dues. TEPAC monitors members of Congress for their level of support for NTEU issues and causes and publishes reports in that regard. Those that have strong records of support have contributions made to their campaigns. 

Weingarten rights were discussed. When management requests a meeting with a member regarding disciplinary issues, they must advise the member of their right to union representation. If management denies this request, they must provide a reason in writing.

Grievances are pending on arbitrary shift changes at the FIS and inappropriately assigned overtime jobs.

Members were reminded that they can initiate the grievance process, not just the union. It was emphasized that timelines need to be followed in the process.

Telecommuting was discussed. It was advised that telecommuting is common for import specialists nationally at other field offices, but not in ours. The DFO is said not to like it. A formal grievance process has begun.

There was discussion of using COSS for availability purposes. No one was in favor of changing the 72-hour notice relating to scheduling overtime.

Lunceford as assignment officer/union steward spoke about his meeting with management regarding how holidays are worked locally. It was agreed that if an officer is scheduled for a holiday, he can request to work a full eight hours on holiday pay as long as there as work to do. An officer may also request to only work a flight or flights if he/she chooses. Simply let the assignment desk know what is desired for holidays beginning with Memorial Day.

The meeting was adjourned at 2030.  

Chapter 156 Winter Meeting  13 January, 2015

Members Present: Korne, Taylor, Eshelmen, McMillian, Steinmann, Sanford, Vaughan, Lunceford, Klein, Smith 

1650 meeting called to order. 

Old Minutes: Leave MOU, Telework, Elections, Awards

Committee Reports: 

Election Results Local/National
Membership – Losses - Gilbert, Severson, German, Ramos and Gomez
Gains – Rose, Craddick, Vaughn, Rehm, Patzlaff
We achieved the national goal of 70% membership in the bargaining unit ($150 bonus from National)

Old Business:  
Leave MOU—not yet official.  President will meet with management at next supervisors’ meeting to get signed agreement in place. Concern expressed about potential benefit of establishing a leave MOU.  Assurance given there will be benefit(s).  Ad hoc leave will still be available.  Management should be writing up SOPs.  

Telecommuting under review.  DFO is resisting it.

Awards committee will meet.  Anyone can put in for someone else.  Must be mission-related and articulated in a prescribed manner.  

Treasurer’s report--We have approx. $27K in account. Election completed. Not a lot of expenses, no union training done yet.  

Election committee, Roy Marler and Jean Brown conducted the election, the meeting members offered thanks for their work.

David Smith now on board as Secretary for the Chapter.

Mention made in reaching out to other bargaining unit people who are not currently in the union. 

National union elections held.  Our chapter has two votes.  Joe Acosta is the National vice-president.

New Business--
Annual Dinner – Do we continue?  We’ve had it at McMenamin’s the last few years.  Eight members present at this meeting are in favor of continuing the annual dinner.  Three did not vote.  This usually would be in the spring.  People were in favor of continuing with the Kennedy School as a venue.  We are looking at the next meeting as being the week of either May 10 or May 17.   

Holiday Assignments— We need to ensure schedule comes out timely according to agreement,   (two weeks prior). 
SOP for Weekend Cargo Officer Overtime—Need identified that more officers need to be trained in different job elements to expand OT pool.  Members encouraged to offer suggestions in this area by e-mail to President.  SOP will be initiated.  

Reporting to vessels – getting something in writing.  Suggestions?  Right now, management is requiring fixed boarding times for after-hours arrivals rather than meeting it on arrival.  Nothing is currently in writing with CBP relative to an established policy in this area.  

         Kathie Klein is going to union legislative conference in D.C. in Feb.  Will meet with Senators and attend a reception with legislative aides.  Membership advised to contribute comments to Kathie to relay to Senators. 
Spring Training is in April.  Two or three members will attend.  National convention is in Miami this year in August.  At national convention, officers are elected, procedures are voted on and how the internal workings of the union are done.  

Adjournment: at 1803.

                                                                  NTEU Chapter 156         
                                            Meeting Minutes 
                                          16 September 2014

Attendees – Eshelman, Korne, Mullally, Zurcher, Sanford, Moldovan, Gregor, Klien, McMillan, Montoya, Smith.
Call to order: 16:40

Old business - Global entry – need a plan to secure.  Need a group mail box. Need input from FIS staff working this job.

A copy of the unfinished MOU for leave was circulated.

Treasures report- $25k Balance - $900+ for annual dinner.   
Upcoming - Election expenses (mailings/p.o. box).  

Committee reports- BRP committee (McMillan/German) meet with Chief to discuss use of KSAs.  Gunderson sat in on this meeting - Smith has volunteered to participate in BRP.

LMRC – Tele work – The DFO is not in favor of this program and we will have to meet with local management to start the grievance process. 

Local promotions were also discussed and the DFO made the discouraging remarks “if they want a promotion they can move”.  

Elections – committee members are Brown and Marler.  Smith is still willing to accept a nomination for the chapter secretary position.  

New members – From Chicago, Ms. Van Duzor

Awards – Chapter president suggests members from the award committee give a short presentation on the process and struggles the committee goes through in vetting nominations.

OT – As always at the end of the fiscal year, money is extremely tight.  It will not be business as usual and management has already cut one officer from the weekend flights.  We expect to see cuts in all areas.  The view on this is; it is better to spend the money early and evenly throughout the year and not hoard it and then have a glut at the end of the year i.e. safe seaport ops.

Night flight staffing – One passenger processing officer will be added to the night shift.  The rest will be on overtime.  The GDL flight is expected two nights a week around 22:30.

Adjourn: 1800 

NTEU Chapter 156 Annual Meeting
May 15, 2014

Call to Order 16:50

Minutes from last meeting were read

Next scheduled meeting Wednesday September 17th Round Table Pizza

Treasures Report (Kathie Klein)

Changes in membership and stewards -
Jason L. - Assignment Desk Steward
Charlene M. - transfer would create a new “Out Port Steward”
Losses – John W., Tim W., Rodney L.G., Jarred S.
Gains – Robert H., Ben M., Chris R., John L., David R. and Michael R.

Why do we need stewards?  It is important representation come from within each work unit.  This helps to accurately identify issues, which in turn, gives us a solid base for working on a resolution.  You can’t fix something if you don’t know what is wrong.

Chapter Election – They will be coming up and we must have a committee even if everyone runs unopposed.  We also have a need for an active secretary. 
David S. expressed interest in the chapter secretary position.
Jean B. and Roy M. have volunteered for the Election Committee.     

Legislative activities – conference (Kathie Klein) Upcoming luncheon for Jeff Merkley (D) OR. On 28th (Mike Steinmann, John McMillan) will attend.

Issues to be aware of – 
New TSA agreement
Contract negotiations
Annual viewpoint survey

Announcements – CST B&R and Telework – Both of these programs are part of our NCBA and were implemented or expanded upon this year.

Tracking Union activities – When we are able to securely post our Issue Tracking spread sheet, everyone to be able to quickly access information such as past practices, MOUs and incidents that the Union has been involved in. 

Items to add – Global Entry space and practices.

Contact Us – Website (www.netu156.com) , Facebook search: NTEU CHAPTER 156 
 e-mail: portlandnteu156@comcast.net 

Old business - Annual leave MOU – It is not finished. 

Adjournment 20:00

                                                         NTEU 156 Chapter Minutes 
                                           1st Trimester Meeting 
                                               15 January, 2014

Location: Bistro 23

Attendees: 3 chapter officers/9 members = 12 total 

Call to order: 17:00

Next Meeting:  All were in favor of continuing our annual dinner at Kennedy school.  Tentative date is May 14th.  We are looking into getting someone from council (NTEU Denver) as a guest speaker and adding a couple of door prizes.

Old Business:  Brief discussion on - the B&R (no issues brought up with last rotation), the new overtime assignment practices and our new chapter meeting schedule.  The new means of electronically transmitting the daily and weekend availability was implemented on November 18th, 2013.  At this point it seems to be functioning according to plan.  As decided by the board, the new meeting schedule will be based on trimesters to avoid the summer season when the leave schedule is most active.

Treasurer’s report: Approximately 26k in the coffer.  Two incentive awards were paid at $100.00 each and the web site fees were paid.  Projected expenditures for this year are the Legislative conference and National annual training.  We have not determined if anyone is attending the later.

Vice President:  The VP would like to encourage anyone with information or ideas for the web site to submit them to him.

New members:  We have two new members since our last meeting.

New Business: The Union is looking into a local MOU on the leave policy as it relates to the contract.  The MOU would expand and clarify the provisions of the contract and give opportunity to open some of the most valuable time around the holidays.  This meeting is being used to gage the desire and practicality of this idea from the general membership and to solicit ideas.  The chapter bylaws state those in attendance regardless of numbers makes a quorum for voting purposes.  The non-uniformed member was not counted in the stats below.  Voting was only used to gage the most popular ideas to move for with and did not solidify the content of the MOU.  Once complete, the membership will have an opportunity to review the proposed MOU before it is presented to management. 

Some of the ideas on expanding the leave draw sequence are:
Using a point system so an employee can earn preference over others. 
Allowing the same holiday to only be taken every other year.
      Allowing the same holiday to be taken only every second or third year.
Have one or two slots left open for lottery.
Have all slots left open for lottery. 
Grouping and allowing only one of the most desirable holidays to be taken each year.

For the purposes of this MOU the holidays in question are the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The remainder does not seem to be of any concern at our port.

The vote yielded the following results (not all voted on each idea and we only voted on the most practical to implement):
          Only allowing certain holidays to be taken every other year.  8 yea / 2 nay
         Have all slots left open for lottery.       2 yea
         Have 3 slots seniority and 2 slots for lottery    8 yea / 2 nay
         Grouping and allowing only one to be taken each year.    6 yea / 5 nay
         Status quo                          3 yea
         3/2 lottery and every other year      8 yea / 3 nay

Above is the controversial part.  We will also include a part on surrendering bid leave and time frames.  Leave should be input to claim it therefore opening up the potential for any ad hoc leave based on work units.  Research will be conducted on the “whole week only” wording in the contract to determine if those wishing to take only a day or two are entitled to the bid week.  Lastly, we may look at adjusting the solicitation date to distance it from the BRP. 

Things to consider:  We already have a point system in place; it’s called the holiday wheel.  So those who really want the “day of” off, have a means to compete independent of the leave process.   Ease of implementation is another key factor when getting managements buy in.

** Important Note** This MOU in accordance with the NCBA has to be mutually agreed upon between NTEU and management.  As such, it cannot be grieved and either party can withdraw consent in writing.

Meeting Adjourned: 18:40 

                         NTEU 156 Annual Meeting           May 08, 2013

Members present   27:

Tom BrooksJean BrownZach BighamSandra DriggersNicole Brooks
Bryan GermanKelly GrahamJoseph GregorChris GundersonKathie Klein
Rodney LeonGuerreroWinson LeungJason LuncefordRoy Marler
John McMillan Charlene MontoyaBrendan Mullally Craig Sanford
Mark SeversonJared Skinner David SmithMike SteinmannDennis Vinsel
Theresa WiseTim WoodwardLanny ZuercherRuss Van Orman

Retired Members attending: George Fitz & Lynne Foster

President John McMillan called the meeting to order at 1835

Kathy Klein gave the treasurers report approx.  $24,000 is in the bank.  We need to have money in our account to pay court costs and expenses in case a situation goes to litigation.  We do not want to either rise or lower union dues at this point. It was noted that NTEU is our exclusive legal representation.

Expenses recently for John, Charlene and Mike travel to Las Vegas for training.  Kathie attended the legislative conference in Washington D.C. in Feb. This is where NTEU members from across the country lobby members of congress face to face on capitol hill.  Another expense is the renewal of the chapter Fidelity Bond. This is a bond that covers any possible money problems of the Chapter.  We purchased a projector for this and future meetings.  The National Convention will be attended by Mike in August where officers are elected at the national level, this ticket was purchased in advance to try to save some money. A report is filed with the Department of Labor every year with a picture of our finances. The audit for this report has been completed for the last 10 years by Theresa Wise.  Also, a big thank you to Theresa and Tom who were our election committee and will be retiring soon.  A need for volunteers is being solicited to get involved in the audit process and the local election that will be coming up at the end of this year.

Workplace issues:  management is not willing to put things in writing which makes problems.  NTEU can grieve things that are put in writing that is why there are so many verbal decrees.   Global Entry is taking away staffing.

New Members.  Paul Taylor is the newest member.    It is important to keep up the recruitment process as we are losing members to retirement. A $100.00 Visa gift card is still presented to members who recruit new members.   Some reasons that people might not want to join, they think they cannot join because they are on probation (not correct).  Management might not like if they join. This is actually a good reason to join.  Money, they think they cannot afford it.  The union actually fights for our money and benefits.  Non members are reaping the benefits of those who are making the contribution.

TPAC.   This is a political action committee that assists in putting politicians in office that support federal employees.   There is a request for a 3.00 per month donation per employee for TPAC.  TPAC supports only Federal Employees and their needs.  TPAC helps us on Capitol Hill but individual employees need to do their part locally.  Ask a union officer about TPAC if you have any questions or would like the allotment form to donate.

Budgets and Furloughs – No word on Furloughs.  Lots of cut backs but the overtime budget is still flat.

Funding: No major changes in the horizon.  Global Entry is expensive to maintain.  It will be continue to be monitored.  There will be continued additions to the Global Entry office.  Volunteers have manned the office.  It is necessary to improve the working conditions in the office, example lunches, time management, scheduling appointments, etc.

Labor Management Relations Committee was formed by executive order.  The is a local committe and one at the field office level. Mike is the representative for Portland at the field office meetings.

Chapter Web Site has changed graphics with help from national.  The site has a secure section. Access to all minutes of all meetings since November 2010, Bylaws, and direct link to National NTEU web site.

National Training was at Las Vegas.    Official time allow from CPB to attend this conference.   Training was educational and money well spent.

National Convention is in Boston this year (August) and is held every 2 years.  No authorized official time so the President or Vice-President has to use own annual leave to attend.

We continue to build, quarterly meetings and training have only been done in the last few years. Bistro 23 has been suggested as an alternative for a quarterly meeting place.

The chapter has a private office at Alderwood for Union Business when needed.

August 13 will be the next chapter meeting, time and place to be determined. Bid and rotation will be discussed at this next meeting.

Kathy read a list of employees who are not union members.

Meeting adjourned at 2010.

NTEU 156
Quarterly Meeting               February 05, 2013

Members Present:
John McMillan                       David Smith
Kathy Klein                            Tom Brooks
Mike Steinmann                    Bryan German  
Denny Vinsel                          Lanny Zuercher
Lynne Foster  

Non Members Present:
George Fitz  -- visitor    

The meeting was called to order by President John McMillan at 4:45 pm.  Kathy Klein gave the Treasurer’s report.  Bank balance stands at approx. $28,000. There were expenses for the publication of the web site and incentives given for the recruitment of new members.  Upcoming expenses this period will include spring training in Las Vegas and the legislative conference in Washington D.C.  

Old Business:
The annual meeting will be at the Kennedy School in May. The date will be May 8.   There will be flyers printed and due to the extra food that we had last year, it was determined that a sign-up sheet would be beneficial.  The menu will be similar to last years along the Italian theme. 

New Business:
Spring Training will be in Las Vegas this year and will be attended by Mike Steinmann, John McMillan and Charlene Montoya. 

Charlene Montoya brought up in an email to President McMillan her concerns on how supervisor temporary positions are selected.  It is the position of the union that such positions should be announced but the LER says no, as it is not in the contract.   Article 38, which deals with temporary assignments, was discussed. The contract indicates that if the position is less than 30 days, management can pick and choose who they desire.  As there are questions on how this language is interpreted, it was suggested that we should contact SFO NTEU and see how they handle these situations. In order to set forth a grievance it would be necessary to have an interested, but not selected, party named in the grievance.  

The new way that annual leave is handled seems to be working. President McMillian wants to establish a way in which returned holidays are dispersed.  It would be logical that the returned day would revert to the next person in     seniority order, rather than start at the top of the seniority list.

Each quarterly meeting we have been discussing a specific area of the contract.  Today it was Article 37 which deals with the leave and excusal policy.   During the discussion that followed, it was mentioned that to protect your vacations, you should put in leave as for in advance as you want.  There is no time limit and the entire year is available for AL.   

CBP Budget for overtime was the next topic of discussion.  Jan Robinson advised that as of February 4, 2013, we are in the red, having only 64.5% of the budget remaining.  All overtime is being reviewed by management. Again the boarding of vessels with one officer was a reason for concern.  SFO NTEU needs to be contacted to see how they are handling vessel boardings. 

There was discussion about expanding the NTEU web site as there are items, such as elections, that are not allowed on the site.  There should be another media used to promote NTEU’s more delicate topics.

There will be a need for another steward in the near future as Mark Severson will be leaving.  The person selected should be interested in full participation in union activities.

There will be the National Convention in August in Boston.  There are procedures that need to be followed whether we send a participant to the convention or not.  There is a benefit to sending one of our own members to this convention for voting purposes.  Mike Steinmann will likely attend the convention.

A uniform center is still not up and running due to a lack of a vendor.  Word has it that in March there will be a temporary vendor named with something more final coming around July.  Emergency supplies are available to those who need them. 

Meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm. 

     Quarterly Meeting            August 16, 2012

Members Present:
John McMillanMike SteinmannJared Skinner
Kathy KleinJoseph GregorTracy Korne
Fred DecainDenny VinselBrendan Mullally

The meeting was called to order at 4:42pm

Old Business
Talked about the mistakes that had taken place regarding overtime issues.  There is no problem any longer because there is a lot of money available.   PAU assignments, there is no guidance for outbound PAU.  We shouldn’t be held responsible for what occurs when there is no guidance.  Gregor has asked for assistance from management without results.  A round table meeting would be a great help but management has made no moves on this issue.  Treasurer’s report - $27,000 in the coffers.  Only expenses were the last meeting and a P.O. Box for the upcoming election.  

Chapter Elections - Nomination forms have been mailed.  Looking for at least 1 person per office.  If only 1 person is nominated an election is not necessary.  

LMRC meeting in San Francisco at the end of the month to discuss overtime issue, and issues at each port.  Mike Steinmann mentioned that he might be on a TDY and not available for this meeting.  The meeting will talk about travel comp. and if it can be combined with overtime.  We will look into backfilling the slot.

New Business
McMillian had long meeting with chiefs regarding annual leave.   The contract protects at least 2 weeks per year and they can be consecutive but do not HAVE to be.   Chiefs have been advised that this is how the contract reads. In lieu of an agreed upon policy, we will follow the contract.  By Oct 15 each year they will open up the AL period.  October 31 is the final date you can submit your bid weeks. Spread sheets should be printed out and distributed. Make sure you list a number of weeks regardless of your seniority.  The final posting with results must be out Dec 15. Management thinks it will be out the later half of November.  The first time thru the roster will be 2 weeks only and then they will go thru the list again and assign another 2 weeks, again in seniority only.  If only 1 week is available of your 2 week request, you will be assigned that one week.  Contract does not address what to do with a balance of leave.  Kevin Eshelman offered an idea of bidding the first 2 weeks and then let it go officer to officer for the second bidding.  
If you have Use or Lose you must submit Leave request by September 1.  That issue is in the contract
Are the weekends protected on each end of annual leave?  The practice has been the weekend following the week of leave is protected by not the weekend prior to leave. Officers should request an excusal if they need this week with a minimum of 72 hours in advance.  Your projected leave should be in COSS 2 weeks ahead of time.  Management wants leave in 4 weeks prior of AL.  This needs to be clarified.   During holiday weeks, federal holidays, they can allow up to 5 CBPO’s off.  When roster is complete, remainder of weeks open are AD Hock leave and it is addressed on a unit by unit basis.   
If a desirable week opens, that week should be posted.  You could do first come first serve basis or seniority order.  Discussion ensued of possible ways to address this issue.
Late submissions-  TDY does not mean you cannot place your bid.  If you are late you can submit for 2nd leave bid if that is still in effect.
Mike Steinman asked about status of overtime monies.    Management asked for more monies from SFO and instead of getting partial, they receive all the money they requested and there is approx. $37000 for each pay period.  They are in far excess of what they need in the port. Management still needs to justify the way they spend the monies.
Next meeting will be November 13.
Meeting Adjourned at 5:40pm

Quarterly Meetting   May 15, 2012

Members Present:
Kathy Klein   Lynne FosterFred Decain
Mike SteinmannGeorge Fitz  Lance Miller
John McMillan  Denny Vinsel     Brendan Mullallay
Tracy KorneBrian GermanTom Brooks

Non Members Present:Jason LunsfordNaomi Charboneau

The meeting was called to order by President John McMillan at 4:45 pm
Kathy said there are official NTEU buttons if anyone desired one.   Treasurers report balance of approx. 25,000 with expenses for the period being the training for Charlene and Mike.  There was a check sent to FEVER, a pack.  This is a political campaign.  Theresa Wise did the audit.  Report is due for the department of Labor and with the IRS.
President McMillan said it is important to use the Stewards whenever necessary.  
Mike went to the legislative conference in Washington DC and talked to members of Congress about NTEU issues.  Very positive feedback.  It is important to have our voices heard in Washington, and the money we donate to the political process, helps us in the long run.  We are still giving out a gift card to those members who are able to recruit others to join the Union. The amount of the gift card thru August 2012 will be $150.  We now have 41 members.

Old Business.  Last meeting was at the Kennedy School.  Survey completed. John went over the chapter surveys. The most popular start time submitted by members was 4:30pm.  There might be a time when we do some meetings at a later time, which would help employees at T6 who get off at a later time.  Not too many people present were thrilled with this idea.  Tuesday and Thursday were the most popular days.  People seemed to enjoy the Kennedy School, and at the next annual meeting, it will again start later, probably 6pm.  The meeting location seemed popular.  Web site has been maintained by Mike Steinmann.    Link to the National Site will be added to the local web site as soon as he can figure out how to do it.  Topics for discussions should be put out in advance to attract more participation in meetings.  Alternative work schedule has sparked some interest at T6, and some out ports.     Telework is a big topic and desire by many employees.  Management does not willingly want to participate in these discussions.    

New Business.  There are a lot of mistakes happening with the implementation and interpretation of overtime/availability etc.  There needs to be more regulation and control on exactly how overtime is implemented.  Start time or reporting time. A certain job should not be open to an employee interpretation.  This only causes confusion.  Lance Miller said more information could be added to the availability sheet to make it more defined and clear. President McMillan asked for help to make it clear to employees of exactly how to submit their availability.  Meeting needs to be set up with management to settle the issue, and clarify it to all individuals.  Everyone needs to do it the same way. 
Advanced assignment at the airport has caused a problem. (72 hour) .When the assignments are made on Tuesday, they should be set, and not changed.  Changes are being made at the last minute.  Denny said that perhaps a log should be made to keep track the last minute changes.  A discussion ensued as to when changes are acceptable and how long employees have to question an assigned overtime.  Perhaps a single supervisor needs to be used to filter out overtime problems.  President McMillan said he would offer that suggestion to management.
New overtime assignments are being made regarding PAU assignments that are taking place at the FIS. No guidance or SOP has been published.  If you are allowed to do the checks during the week, you should not be excluded from those same jobs on the weekends.

Elections are coming up.  Nomination forms will go to the member’s home address. Then you submit the nominations to lock boxes in each location.
Brian suggested going over a portion of the contract at each meeting.  This can clarify certain issues and this subject can be published before the next schedule meeting.       
Next meeting will be Tuesday, August 14.  
Meeting adjourned at 606 pm.

NTEU 156 Annual Meeting February 07, 2012          Kennedy School

Members Present:Lynne FosterMike Steinmann      Nicole Brooks
Jean Brown   Tracy KorneZack BighamDavid Smith
Chris Gunderson  Brendan MullallyFred DeCainBrian German
Tom Brooks  Mark Severson  Charlene Montoya     Kathy Klein
John McMillan   Roger Salazar

After a wonderful dinner, the meeting was brought to order by President John McMillan at 640pm. He welcomed everyone to the Kennedy School.  The thought is to do this annual meeting again every year.  The President welcomed the new members including Jean Brown, Brendan Mullally, Chris Gunderson, and Tim Woodward.  Next year the annual meeting will be planned well in advance, again in the first quarter of the year.   Total members now belonging to NTEU 156 is 39.  The goal of the Union is to tend to the all the necessary issues.

There was discussion of old business at the last meeting, including scheduled overtime, which is now in effect. Members are encouraged to bring issues, that the new overtime rules present, to the Union. Unless there are flaws, the overtime in its present fashion will continue.  There was talk about supervisors working overtime, and the problems this entails.    There was an overtime committee at one point but the committee has not met in over a year.  Light Duty was discussed in regards to individual employees.  There have not been rules put in place in what constitutes “Light Duty”.  Call back and commutes.  Qualifications for who is picked for TDY’s.  Management has agreed to be more careful when picking employees for TDY’s.  Brian German mentioned the cut of TDy’s for the rest of the fiscal year, probably due to lack of funding.  Congress is now talking about huge cuts to the travel budget for government personnel.  

Chris Gunderson asked that there should be a list of TDY’s etc. of what was available.  Perhaps this could be done by Phil Olivia who is the training coordinator.  All TDY’s seem to be too last minute.  Who is responsible to publish available TDY’s.

Again we mentioned the incentives offered to recruit new members. A gift card was presented to Zach Bigham for recruiting Chris Gunderson.

Kathy gave the Treasurers report of approx. 27,000.  Mike Steinmann will attend the legislative conference in DC.  Elections new term will start next October and notices need to be sent out.  Need for volunteers to assist in the election process.  May meeting will finalize the election schedule. We must prepare for an election, but if current officials are running unopposed, there will be no ballots sent out.

Everyone is encouraged to run if they are interested in a position.

There is talk about the awards committee and how it works.  It is recommended that employees make nominations of deserving employees.

Labor Relations Committee.    Mike S. mentioned how many problems incur in other ports.  Relating that to PDX, PDX has an unusual situation because of its small size and problems are getting solved much easier.  NTEU membership cards have just come in the mail so make sure the mailing addresses are correct.  Mike will attend the legislative conference this month in Washington D.C.

President McMillan said you can register your name with NTEU so you can get emails of all communications.

New Business:  Positions exchanges,  3 way swaps.    Overtime cap out does not affect PDX employees.  Forced reassignments.  Foreign Language programs are being renegotiated.   Compensation for travel, with comp time,  Awards and compensation.

Spring Training for stewards, and officers of the chapters is April 17-19 in Las Vegas. 
TDY’s earnings can be deducted from your call out earnings upon returning to the port.  There is talk about whether this practice should be continued.  Leave draw process.  Brian German mentioned how the leave process will operate.  There was talk about a “leave draw committee”.

Chapter Survey:   What is the best day to conduct the quarterly meetings?   Etc.  Each member will receive a survey so they can voice their opinions on how the union meetings are operating and suggestions on how to better the process.  The survey will be dropped on desks and not sent via email.  
Lynne Foster will consolidate the data once the surveys are returned.

David Smith brought up staffing issues.  Outbound issues.

Replacement Airport Badges:  It might be brought up in the future.

Next meeting May 15, Tuesday at Round Table Pizza, time will be determined.  NTEU magnets are available for those who want them.

Meeting adjourned at 808pm.    

  NTEU 156 Quarterly Meeting
                                                                   15 November 2011 

Members Present:
Mike Steinmann  Denny VinselJareld Skinner
Lynne FosterKathy KleinCharlene Montoya
Tracy KorneDavid SmithTom Brooks
Bryan German   John McMillian

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Mike Steinmann at 5:14pm.

Kathy Klein gave treasurers report of approximately $27,000 in the bank.  There were no expenses during this time period.

There was a discussion about the start time for the Union meetings.  It was decided to leave it at the same start time (1630).

Overtime was discussed.  Normal scheduled overtime needs to be assigned 72 hours in advance. This would require availability to be put in by Monday COB for the weekend, and the overtime would be based on the money list on Tuesday morning.   The flights and the cargo assignments are a given.  The new procedure for overtime will begin PP2 of 2012.  

Meetings with the supervisors and chiefs took place last Thursday to discuss this overtime issue. 
Why is it ok to have only 1 supervisor on a flight but 2 supervisors on a weekend?  Jan Robinson said that supervisors on the weekends have been cut.

President McMillian is working on a rough Draft of a CBP Survival Guide.  Past practices need to be put into writing.  We need a written policy on how certain things will be done or handled.
Light Duty –when is it ok and when is it not?  What is a light duty person allowed to do?
Overtime is assigned in different ways and needs to be consistent.
Slop over is never been put into writing.  When is it appropriate to assign an officer to Slop, and under what circumstances?

The 10 hour day has been successfully negotiatedd by NTEU 156 and implemented at T6.  It appears it has been working out.  It will not work out at the FIS as they do not have the work load to make this beneficial. 

There is an issue about PAU targeting cargo when the flights arrive early.  There is not enough time.

There was a discussion about the qualifications of people picked for TDY.  It is believed that NTEU should be notified so they can give their input as to the person who is most qualified. 

Recruitment incentives for new Union members were discussed.  President McMillan proposed that each member who recruits (hands a completed enrollment form to Union Officer) will receive a $100 gift card to Best Buy or Fred Meyer.  All were in agreement that this is a good idea to help boost membership.

Mike mentioned the problems of getting members to attend Union meetings and wanted input and assistance from other members.  
Tracy Korne brought up a discussion about the 5 year background check.  There seldom seems like they never give you the results of the background check.  Tom Brooks says there is a way you can call and get all the results of the background check.  This might be a good topic for discussion in San Francisco.

Next annual meeting February 22 a Wednesday at 1630.  It was suggested that we meet at a different place for the annual meeting.  This would be a restaurant type establishment that might have a buffet or something similar.  Input is needed from all members to help find a place for this.

Meeting adjourned at 6:24.   

NTEU Chapter 156 Meeting 8-17-2011                                                   

The meeting was called to order by President McMillian at 5:10pm

Members Present:

Kathy Klein                         Michael Steinmann         Lance Miller                        Lynne Foster

Tom Brooks                        Bryan German                   John McMillian                  Kevin Eshelman

Lanny Zuecher                  Brett Perry

Kathy Klein announced the treasury report with a total of approx. $26,000.00.  Biggest expense was Mike Steinmann trip to Seattle for Convention.   Audits were complete and OK.   Possible need for a replacement for the person doing the audit in a couple of years.   PO Box is working well.

Our chapter is entitled to a part time steward (20 hours per week).    Discussion about the need for this position.  4 hours of dedicated time per day will need list of duties for that employee.  Face time and travel  time between work stations.

Discussion on overtime and the budget for next year.

The management of the Union bulletin boards is a good duty for the part time steward position.  One board that is behind the door needs to be moved to an easily visible place. These boards need to be constantly updated with current events important to each Union member.

Mike Steinmann requested any information that needs to be put on the web site to be submitted to him via email.

Kevin discussed the problem of logging into the union web site and Mike requested for the 2nd time a pin number so he could create the sign on.

President McMillian advised that it is strictly prohibited to send political information on CBP systems.

Discussion ensued regarding the visit by the Commissioner  Bersin’s visit to T6

Mike discussed the convention.  Change of bylaws and the election.  Controversy about a building in DC that was recently sold, by Kelly.  They ended up signing a 10 year lease with increased profits.  Talked about chapter voting with another company handling the voting process.  Picking the convention site for the 2015 convention which will be Miami.  Boston is the convention site in 2013. 

Discussion led  by President McMillian regarding the implementation of the alternate work schedule at T-6.  AWS is part of the contract.   Overtime is nil or limited.  It saved overtime but puts people in position without overtime.  Proposal for AWS was done 10 weeks ago and it will soon be greeved  as management has not responded in a timely manner. Local management has signed off on it but AWS has not been implemented.

Talk about PDX small work units and the problems encurred by allowing multiple TDY’s with limited officers to complete the work schedule.  McMillian discussed to have something put in writing to limited the amount of TDY’s one person will be forced to perform, mainly the southern border.  This is another thing the part time steward could perform.  

Bid rotation coming up.  Changes will be limited.  No change in work units.  Rumors about term limits with certain positions could  be changed.

Lanny Zuecher is a new union member as of today.

The union in PDX is in full swing with officers elected and members attend union conventions which allows member to know what is going on and gives them a voice in their jobs.

Talk about after hours meeting in the Columbia room and the problems that ensued.

Meeting adjourned.         6:06pm

  NTEU Quarterly Meeting
                                                           May 11, 2011
David SmithNicole BrooksGeorge Fitz
Zack BinghamLynne FosterMichael Steinmann
Dennis  VinselCraig SanfordJared Skinner
Joseph GregorJohn  McMillianKathy Klein
Brett Parry     Tom BrooksCharlene Montoya
Lance Miller

The meeting was brought to order at 4:39pm by President John  McMillian

Kathy Klein discussed the purchased of a new computer for the Union use and Mike Steinmann has donated a printer/copier.

We want to make sure all our documents are stored electronically for easier handling and posting.  Talk about purchasing a portable scanner for documents/business cards/hand written items at about 400.00

Kathy discussed the possibility of changing the dues scale.  Dues based on grade and step level.  We have talked about changing local dues.  Board will have to discuss the amount and it will be voted on at the August meeting.    National NTEU will have to be notified and the new dues structure will begin in the first pay period of next year.  We are talking approx. $2.00 off each members dues.  Our goal is to pick up at least 3 new members to make up for the difference in revenue that is coming in on the new dues structure
John McMillian discussed the National Convention in Seattle.  National Convention is not training and is more political. open only for President and Vice Present of each chapter. The main purpose of this convention is elections of officers etc.  By- laws prevents anyone else from going to the convention due to the time to notify has expired. 

Brian German is chief steward for Alderwood,  Charlene Montoya is at the FIS and Mark Severson at T6.  It was advised that we could have 2 more stewards if anyone is interested in becoming one.

Mike Steinmann discussed the training program in Las Vegas.  The new contract is going into effect today.   Officers will not be able to be forced out on their day off.  Officer’s need to advise their supervisors in writing at least 48 hours prior to their possible overtime shift if they do not want to work the weekends.  They cannot use not paying a commute as a reason to deny your request for a weekend off.  Routine/scheduled overtime should come out 72 hours prior but they have 1 year to implement this decision.  Grievances must be filed within 45 days of the incident.  Awards committee must have a quaram  of 6 people,  3 NTEU/3CBP.  Letters of reprimand stay in your file no longer than 18 months.  If you are asked for a letter/sick note from your doctor, provide the note to your steward or any NTEU Officer who will follow procedures so that supervisor does not need to know exactly what your medical condition is.  Talk about possible layoffs/Rif.  A possible mandatory fitness  program was discussed.

McMillian talked about forced TDY’s.  Once volunteers are used they will force from the reverse order of seniority upward.

Global entry terminals/kiosks that may appear in the Airport will quite possibly result in a reduction  of personnel  at that port. Duties will change the more technology comes into each port. 

Kathy talked about telework, working either certain days a week or temporary work at home.   Employees can telework up to 5 days a week. They recommend a high speed internet at your home.  Some of the equipment you buy for your home directly related to your telework, can be tax deductible. “Most positions that do not require you not to wear a uniform qualifies for telework”.   It was noted that Olga Ramos has been denied telework and it has been passed up the National NTEU chain for possible reversal of this decision. 

All members were encouraged to talk to non- union members about joining NTEU to help make up for the dues decrease in revenue for the local.

President McMillian advised that complaints that are not directly reflected  in the contract, will be sent up to the National  to find out how other ports are handling situations.   Officers need to be accountable so managers will be held accountable.  You may always have a union representative present when there is a possible situation of being counseled by management.  

In Portland there are 63 eligible members and we have 33 NTEU members.  Kathy advised the possibility of reductions in wages and health care cost increases etc.  and those non- union members should know that NTEU will fight for those rights. Our dues are not donated in any way to political elections.  That is a separate organization called TPAC. 

Next meeting tentatively set for 17 August 2011 

The meeting was formally adjourned at 1800. 

February 16, 2011

NTEU Chapter 156 Annual and Quarterly  Combined Meeting                     
Members Present:
B. ParryM. SteinmannK. KleinM. SeversonD. VinselL. FosterK. EshelmanF. DeCainD. SmithL. MillerT. BrooksB. German

Vice President Mike Steinmann called the meeting to order at 1645.  President John McMillan is TDY and unable to attend.

VP Steinmann advised that this meeting would have normally been conducted in January per the Union Charter and future meetings would be held following Union charter guidelines.

The details of the last meeting on November 4, were discussed as old business.  Thanks was given to the Election committee who organized and conducted the recent election of union officers.  The officers included John McMillan/President, Mike Steinmann/Vice President, Lynne Foster/Secretary, Kathy Klein/Treasurer. 

Old Business:  There was a need for a Union Steward at the FIS.  Charlene Montoya volunteered and was appointed by President McMillan.  The new Range schedule was implemented, using the added free time on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It appears to be a successful change.

New Business.  San Francisco field office has advised that there will be budget cuts that will result in reduced overtime.
It was mentioned by VP Steinmann for all Union members to look at the Union Charter that is posted on the web site.  He asked for input as to the number of Union emails that have recently been sent.  He asked if this was too much information for union members.  There was agreement that the emails were helpful and no change was needed.

Mark Severson was appointed as a Steward due to the fact that others stewards were on extended TDY’s.
There is an NTEU Training conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 25-28.  Local 156 will send 4 members.  VP Steinmann will attend the President/Vice President seminar.  Treasurer Klein will attend the Advanced seminar and Secretary Foster and Steward Severson will attend the Stewards Conference.

Mike Steinmann will attend a Labor Relations meeting in San Francisco next week.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Secretary Klein.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 1706. 

The next meeting is scheduled for May 11, 2011 (the day our new contract takes effect).

November 4, 2010

Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:30 P.M. on 11-4-2010 by chapter President John McMillan.
There were 10 chapter members present.

The recent election was discussed.  Since the Vice President and Secretary positions were vacant, the new electees are appointed to the positions immediately.  Mike Steinmann is the new Vice President and Lynne Foster is the new Secretary.  The local website will be updated to reflect this information as soon as possible.

Overtime was discussed.  The overtime committee will be addressing the problems.  Mangement is anticipating a 10% cut in this years overtime budget.  It is our desire to come up with plans to address the assignments of work to a favorable outcome to workers and still be acceptable to management.  Management will receive a couple of suggestions and proposed schedules.  Ship boarding assignments were discussed, single person boardings will happen on low risk vessels.  All anchor boarding will remain a 2 person assignments.  High risk vessel boardings will remain with 2 people.  The risk will be determined by the supervisor.  A 4-10 schedule will be discussed for T-6 personnel, feasibility is still to be determined.

Training for new CBPO’s was discussed.  Training programs and mentors are needed for the FIS.  

The need for a Steward at the FIS was discussed.  Charlene Montoya was a Steward at Blaine, WA.  She volunteered to be a Steward for the FIS.  She was appointed by the President and this will be effective immediately.  Steward training will be available for the new contract items on Dec. 2 & 3 in Seattle.  McMillan, German, and Montoya will plan to attend.

A new range schedule was discussed.  The new proposal will be to have range qualification on Tuesday and Wednesday from 1200 to 1600 to be able to cause minimum disruption to the flights.

The cost of overtime at an open house in Hillsboro was discussed.  The overtime cost for 2 CBPO’s was approx. $1200.

The tentative date of the next meeting will be Feb. 16, 2011.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:00 PM