National Treasury Employees Union
Chapter 156


Part I:

The Constitution of the National Treasury Employees Union as amended at the last National Convention is hereby adopted as the Constitution of this Chapter.  The Bylaws of this Chapter set forth rules for the local administration and functions of this chapter.  No part of these Bylaws shall be in force if they are contrary to or in conflict with the provisions of the National Constitution and Bylaws.


Section 1 – Name:  This organization shall be known as the National Treasury Employees Union, Chapter 156

Section 2 – Headquarters and Jurisdiction:  The Headquarters of Chapter 156 shall be maintained in Portland, Oregon and have jurisdiction concurrent with the jurisdiction granted in the Charter issued pursuant to the National Constitution unless amended by operation of the provision of the NTEU Constitution.

Section 3 – Fiscal Year:  The business fiscal year of this organization shall be January to December.


Section 1 - Any person who is presently employed within Chapter 156’s jurisdiction as defined in Part II, Section 2 or any former employees, or any retired employee of the Federal government is eligible for membership in this chapter, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or religion.

Section 2 – A member of Chapter 156 is one who is eligible for membership and who has timely remitted an appropriate dues payment or who has authorized withholding of dues from his/her compensation and notice of such authorization has been received by the NTEU National Headquarters Office.

Section 3 – Classifications of Membership in Chapter 156 shall mean:
(A)Active employee member:  any member presently employed by the Federal Government.
(B)Retired member:  any former employee of the Federal Government who has been retired from the Federal Government and is               drawing an annuity under the U.S Civil Service Retirement System.
(C)Former employee member:  a member formerly employed by the Federal Government who left before he/she was eligible for retirement.
(D)New member:  an employee who has never been a member of NTEU or who has not been a member during the twelve months             prior to submitting an application.
(E)Associate member:  a member who is not otherwise eligible for membership in this organization and who shall not enjoy the                    privileges of NTEU membership in the National Organization and shall not be a voting member on those matters relating to the              national or local NTEU organization.


Section 1 – Revenue
    (A) How prescribed – The revenue of Chapter 156 shall be obtained from the membership dues paid by each member and                      from other activities as may be determined by the members of the Chapter.
    (B) Amount of dues – The per capita rate as set at the national level.  Local dues will be 49% of the national dues.
    (C)  Proration of funds – In the case of a new member, or a former employee whose membership has lapsed for a period of more           than one year, who elects to pay the annual dues on a cash basis, the annual per capita dues will be prorated for the fiscal year in             which the employee becomes a member so that the member will pay dues for only those months (a fraction of a month will be                counted as a full month) remaining in the fiscal year.

Section 2 – Method of Payment
The per capita payments shall be made to the National Headquarters Office at the beginning of each fiscal year except for those members who are on dues withholding.  The National Headquarters Office shall issue renewal bills to all members who are not on dues withholding at the beginning of each fiscal year.  Retired or former employees will be permitted to pay dues on an annual basis with payment due on January 1.  All other members will be permitted to pay dues on an annual basis with payment due on January 1 or on a semi-annual basis with payment due on Jan 1 and July 1.  Per capita payments collected by a Chapter shall be forwarded to the National Headquarters Office.

Section 3 – Change in Dues
Any change to the dues structure based on NTEU National adjustments will be automatic.


Section 1 – The Chapter shall hold four meetings (quarterly) with the January meeting considered as the annual meeting of Chapter 156.

Section 2 – The meeting place will be designated by the President and notice posted at the FIS, T-6 and Alderwood Building at least five                   (5) days prior to the meeting date. 

Section 3 – Special meeting of the Chapter may be convened by:
(A)written call by the President;
(B)written call by the majority of the Executive Board; or
(C)written call signed by 15% of the Chapters membership.

Section 4 – Voting
    (A)      All members of Chapter 156 shall have equal rights to attend and participate in all chapter meetings.
    (B)     Each member shall be entitled to one (1) vote at any regular or special meeting, and in the election of officers.
    (C)    In case a member’s right to vote is challenged, the Chapter President shall rule on the member’s right to vote at said meeting.                  The member shall have a right to challenge this decision pursuant to the applicable provisions of the NTEU National                             Constitution.
    (D)  Post meeting voting may also take place in the form of a paper ballot,
           one distributed to each member and collected in one of three ballot
           boxes located at each worksite.

Section 5 – A quorum at any meeting of Chapter 156 shall be the number of members in attendance at the meeting.

Section 6 – Each member shall be entitled to full discussion at any meeting of the Chapter on those matters relating to the National or                      local organization.  Only bona fide NTEU members may vote on motions and proposals.  However, any bargaining unit                         member may attend any open chapter meeting.  Any Chapter member may make a motion or second a motion.  All motions                   must be seconded or they die.  For a motion to pass, a majority vote of these members present is needed.

Section 7 – The format for regular Chapter meetings shall be the following:
(A) call to order
(B) minutes of previous meeting
(C) treasurer’s report
(D) committee reports
(E) old business
(F) new business
(G) announcements
(H) adjournment


Section 1 – The Chapter Executive Board shall be composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2 – The Chapter Executive Board shall have jurisdiction over the matters not specifically reserved to the members, and shall                    have authority to:
(A)Authorize necessary Chapter expenditures and establish procedure for payment of authorized Chapter expenditures;
(B)Fill any office vacancy by a majority vote of the Board; however, if the President resigns, is recalled, or for any other reason is                unable to function as president, the Vice-President will automatically become the President for the unexpired term.
(C)Call a special election for the office of Chapter President should the  Vice-President decline the position as referenced above.
(D)Approve by a majority vote any local or supplemental collective bargaining agreement prior to its being signed by the Chapter                  President on behalf of the Chapter.
(E)Require a vote of the general membership to break a tie vote of the Executive Board.

Section 3 – A quorum for the purpose of an Executive Board meeting shall consist of 75% of its members.

Section 4 – The Chapter Executive Board shall convene for regular meetings (quarterly) at a time and place designated by the President.

Section 5 – Special meetings of the Executive may be convened by:
(A)written call of President;  or
(B)written call of a majority of the Executive Board.  Such special meetings must be convened within thirty (30) days after receipt                of the request by the President.

Section 6 – All action of the Executive Board will be reported by the Secretary at the next regular meeting of the Chapter.


Section 1 – Officer Designations:  The officers of this Chapter shall be those designated in Part VI, Section 1, of the bylaws.

Section 2 – Qualifications:  Any member of this chapter may be elected to any office.

Section 3 – Elections
(A)Term of office for Chapter 156 shall be two (2) years.  The election to office of all Chapter Officers shall take place as provided             in the NTEU Constitution and Bylaws, in October of even numbered years, and these officers will assume their elected position              at the beginning of the Chapter’s fiscal year.
(B)The Chapter President and Vice President are considered delegates to District Conferences and National Conventions conducted             during their terms of office.
(C)The election of any additional delegates to District Conferences and National Conventions shall be conducted pursuant to the                  NTEU Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 4 – Duties
(A)the President’s duties shall be:
(1)to perform as administrator of the affairs of Chapter 156 in accordance with the provisions of the National Constitution and the             Chapter’s Bylaws;
(2)to issue proper notice calling meetings of the Chapter and the Executive Board pursuant to Part V, Sections 2 and 3 and Part VI,             Sections 4 and 5 of these bylaws;
(3)to preside at all regular and special meetings of the chapter and the Executive board;
(4)to appoint Chairpersons of all standing committees,
(5)to appoint all Stewards and the Chief Steward;
(6)to appoint all committee members and maintain ex-officio membership of each;
(7)to represent and act as spokesperson for the Chapter in all matters;
(8)to sign all documents pertaining to official business of the Chapter;
(9)to name the Vice President Chairperson of the Membership Committee; and
(10)to perform all other duties as are necessary to protect and  advance the interests of the membership.

(B)The Vice President’s duties shall be:
(1)to perform the duties of the President during the President’s absence or inability to serve;
(2)to serve as an assistant to the President; and
(3)to develop this chapter’s publicity, to handle special publicity projects as directed by the President and to supervise the printing of             the Chapter’s newsletter (if applicable).

(C)The duties of the Secretary shall be:
(1)to record ad keep minutes on all meetings of the Chapter and the Executive Board;
(2)to conduct and keep minutes on all meetings of the Chapter and the Executive Board;
(3)to maintain custody of all books, records, papers and effects of the Chapter, and transfer these items to his/her successor at                    termination of his/her tenure of office;
(4)to aid the Election and Nominations Committee in preparing for officer elections and to inform the members of the results of                 such elections;
(5)to distribute literature, copier of documents and other communications to the Chapter members;
(6)to maintain files and committee reports;
(7)to prepare and maintain a calendar of chapter events for proper planning and coordination with the other Chapter Officers and              Committee Chairpersons; and
(8)to maintain a correct and current record of the membership with the name, address, and dues status of each member.

(D)The duties of the Treasurer shall be;
(1)to receive and deposit all funds of the Chapter in a depository approved by the Executive Board;
(2)to make payments form funds as authorized by the Executive Board, and to maintain a petty cash fund in an amount determined             by the Executive Board;
(3)to remit promptly to the Administrative Controller of the National Headquarters as provided by the National Constitution per                  capita dues collected from the members of Chapter 156 and to send an accompanying list of those members;
(4)to submit financial reports and other reports as requested by the Executive Board;
(5)to provide the Secretary with dues information necessary for the Secretary to maintain an updated membership roster;
(6)to submit the Chapter books and accounts for audit on demand or to the Executive Board;
(7)to furnish a surety bond to the Chapter, the premium of such bond to be paid by the Chapter;
(8)to prepare and file Internal Revenue Form 990 and Department of Labor LM forms; and
(9)to keep an accurate and current record of all receipts and expenditures of the Chapter, according to accepted accounting                         practices.


The President shall appoint, when available and feasible, a Chairperson and the members of the following standing committees.  The President shall publish for the information of the membership the name(s) of the chairpersons and the members of each committee.  These appointees shall serve for one (1) year.

Section 1 – Classification and Responsibilities
(A)Committee of Election and Nominations shall consist of two members and a Chairperson for the purpose of conducting a                      democratic election of officers as provided in the NTEU Constitution.
(1)This committee shall conduct the election of Chapter Officers pursuant to the NTEU National Bylaws.
(2)This committee shall count the ballots, and post the results of the election and mail results to all posts of duty.  The newly-elected             officers shall be notified in writing by the Chairperson of the Election and Nominating Committee of their election.
(3)In the case of a tie vote for any office, the Chairperson in the presence of his/her Committee members shall determine the                     winner by the toss of a coin and so state in his/her report.
(4)The Chairperson shall immediately make a written report on the results of the election to the NTEU National Headquarters.

(B)Committee on Membership.  The Chairpersons and members of this        Committee will be appointed by the President for the               purpose of increasing and retaining the number of active employee members eligible membership in Chapter 156, and shall:
(1)devise a program of membership recruitment of all employees in Chapter 156’s jurisdiction in order for an effective membership             program  to be conducted on a continual basis;
(2)instruct and organize membership recruiters in each Port of Duty within Chapter 156’s jurisdiction
(3)accept and promptly forward to the Treasurer the dues collected along with the application for cash due paying membership;
(4)report to the President the format of the membership program and its status and
(5)distribute and accept membership applications, requests for transfers of memberships from other Chapters or to other Chapters,              assist with execution of form-1187 for dues withholding, and promptly forward such items to the Treasurer.

(C)Other such committees as are deemed necessary to accomplish the aims of Chapter 156 may be appointed by the                                  President.  The number of the members shall be the number considered practical and necessary by the President.  Such                          appointed committees shall serve until discharged by the President or until the end of the fiscal year.


Section 1 -  Delegates to National Convention and District Conferences.
(A)The Executive Board, at a meeting not less than thirty (30) days prior to the National Convention or the District Conference,                  shall determine the number of Chapter delegates to the National Convention or the District Conference, and the amount of                    delegate expense that will be paid by Chapter funds.  Each delegate must receive an equal amount of reimbursement.
(B)The President and Vice President respectively shall serve as delegates unless unable to attend.  If the Executive Board determines             that additional delegates may attend at Chapter expense, such delegates will be elected pursuant to the NTEU Constitution and                Bylaws.
(C)Any member who wishes to attend the National Convention or the District Conference as a delegate at his/her own expense                  must be elected pursuant to the NTEU Constitution and Bylaws.
(D)The Chairperson of the delegation will be the President or in his/her absence, the highest ranking officer who is a delegate.
(E)If no Chapter officer is a delegate, the Executive Board will appoint the Chairperson and define the succession of authority in                  the delegation.

Section 2 – Proxies:  For purposes of representation at the National Convention or District Conference, Chapter 156 may designate by proxy any member or members of the National organization on a form prescribed by the Administrative Controller of NTEU.  There shall be the statement made that the authority to issue and assign a proxy is given pursuant a motion duly passed at the regular or special Chapter meeting, whichever the case may be.  The member of NTEU to whom the proxy is assigned shall be name therein and it shall be signed by the President and Secretary of Chapter 156. 


Section 1 – Executive Board: Order of Business
(A)At each regular meeting of the Executive Board as provided by Part VI, Section 4 the following order of business shall be observed: to order
2.roll call of President of Treasurer of Vice-President of Chairpersons of standing committees
7.unfinished business business

(B)The above order of business may be suspended at any time by a majority vote of the Executive Board members present at the                meeting.  In case of a special meeting of the Board, the President’s call for the meeting shall set forth the business to be                          transacted and the order of it.

XI:  Miscellaneous

Section 1 – Rules of Order.  In the absence of any provision to the contrary in the Constitution and these Bylaws, all meetings of the Executive Board, Committees, and Chapter meetings shall be governed by the parliamentary rules and usages contained in the then-current edition of Robert’s “Rules of Order, Revised.”

Section 2 – Copies of these Bylaws shall be distributed to all members of Chapter 156 and to the National Headquarters Office.

Section 3 – Amendments
(A)Amendments to these Bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the Chapter Executive Board for their recommendations and                     consideration.  The President will then report the recommendations of the Executive Board to the next regular or special Chapter            meeting which may adopt such amendments by a majority vote, provided notice of the proposed amendment was given in writing at the previous meeting and/or all members were notified at least fifteen (15days) before such meeting. 
(B)These Bylaws shall become effective at midnight on the day on which they were approved.

Section 1 – Elections of Chapter Officers shall be conducted as provided for in the NTEU constitution and Bylaws.

Section 2 – Elections for Chapter Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary) shall be by mail ballots every other year.

Section 3 – Any person running for office will only be allowed to run for one position of the Executive Board.

Section 4 – A copy of any written information disseminated by any candidate or on behalf of any candidate shall be filed with the                            Chairman of the Election Committee.

Section 5 – All members in good standing of Chapter 156 as of the date of Notice of Nominations is mailed shall be eligible to vote in                      the Chapter Elections.


Section 1 – Only Chapter Officers and stewards may post articles or information on the Chapter and/or official bulletin board.

Section 2 – Any member may petition an officer or steward to post an item on the bulletin board. 

Section 3 – Only bona fide union business and functions shall be posted on the bulletin boards.  Bona fide union business and                                  information shall be defined as:
(A)Whatever three (3) or more officers and/or steward say is proper union  business, and
(B)Motions carried by a majority vote at union meetings.

Section 4 – Items in violation to the National Constitution and Bylaws, the National Agreement or any applicable law or order shall not be posted on the bulletin boards.